Nursery Design: 4 Trends We Love

Nursery trends


When it comes to design, every nursery is a kingdom unto itself. Ita��s the one room where youa��re free to be as creative, fanciful and stylish as you like. Decorating the nursery is a joyous experience. Find inspiration in one of our four favorite trends.

#1 Simple Sophistication

The trend du jour among boutique nursery designers is simple sophistication. As you might have guessed, that indicates a radical departure from all things overtly “baby.” Fresh and non-tradition neutrals paired with timeless prints are the hallmark of this trend. Navy is in vogue for boys and Buy trazodone online no prior script overnight delivery girls. And ikat, chinoiserie and thesildenafil bamboo are prized prints. Framed photographs and artwork add a final touch of sophistication.

Why We Love It: Like the modern nursery, this stylish sanctuary will last for years to come.

#2 Retro-Woodland

Though easily the most playful trend on our list, the retro woodland is oh-so-stylish. This throwback incorporates style, color and bold prints in a whimsical wonderland. And because no woodland is complete without forest dwellers, let us introduce the owl and fox. These two woodland creatures have spawned their own trends and become the focal point of many a wee onea��s imagination. A tree decal is absolutely necessary.