A User Friendly Guide to Novelty Maternity T-Shirts

Looking for a great mom-to-be or dad-to-be gift?

Looking for a great mom-to-be or dad-to-be gift? Maybe you
are shopping for a baby shower and want to be creative or have your gift be a
memorable one? Novelty Maternity t-shirts may be just what you are looking for
and they come in all styles, colors and sayings. Sometimes you just want to
make a statement and saying it with a cute maternity t-shirt sure will get
attention. You can even make an announcement about a new pregnancy to your
boss, spouse or group of friends and make your news special by saying it with a
personalized maternity t-shirt that you designed yourself.

There are Many Online Specialty Stores

There are many online specialty stores that cater to custom
t-shirts and apparel where novelty maternity t-shirts can be created for a
reasonable price. Most of these websites sell the blank t-shirt and offer to
customize it with your own text, art and images. You can even order group
t-shirts for that special baby shower. Tees usually come in a choice of tank,
short sleeved or long sleeved and an assortment of colors.

Maternity T-Shirt Fun

Part of the fun of having a maternity t-shirt is coming up
with the cute saying. Moms and Dads can keep the t-shirt as a special memento
of the pregnancy long after the baby is born. I still have my “Baby 1995″
T-shirt that I wore proudly when I was pregnant with my youngest.

The text for a novelty maternity t-shirt varies but some of
the more common ones for the mom-to-be include:

Baby on Board

Due in (insert month)

Baby by (dad’s name) or Baby by (both parents names)

Special Delivery

Bun in the Oven

Don’t Touch the Baby Belly

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