Newborn Checkups: What to Expect


Immunizations are additional part of newborn checkups, so be prepared to console a crying baby. To do so, experts recommend holding your baby close, softly singing, or whispering reassuring words to connect with the child through its anxiety of the frightening injections.

newborn checkups

Within the first two months, babies typically receive a second dose of the hepatitis B vaccine if an initial dose was administered in the first few days after birth. For some babies, the second-month visit could be the first time a baby is given any immunizations.

In addition to the hepatitis B vaccine, mothers can expect several immunizations in the first couple months, according to Immunizations include shots to prevent diphtheria, serious forms of influenza, polio, and other serious disease.

Ask and answer

The first three months of a child’s life is an ideal time to ask questions. Doctors commonly ask mothers about their daily routines, how the baby is adjusting to home, and how the baby is sleeping and feeding. Answering these questions honestly can lead to valuable insight.

Don’t be afraid to also turn the tables, with you asking the questions. Ask your doctor about any of your concerns or questions. Open communication is best for your new addition.

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