Newborn Care Tips: What Every New Parent Needs to Know

Newborn Care Tips for You

After your baby arrives, will you know what to do? Most of the basics come naturally but there are a few important newborn care tips that should help any parent feel like a pro.

How To Hold Your Newborn

Sounds silly right? Not for new parents. A newborn can feel like a mushy little bag of flour at first and navigating this tiny person can be intimidating. Always support the newborns head as their necks are not strong enough to support the weight of their head.

Be sure to use both hands until confident in holding your baby. Pick up your newborn with one hand behind his head and neck while the other is under his bottom. When your newborn feels safe he will be happier and you as a new parent will gain the confidence needed to care for this tiny person.

How to Feed Your Newborn

Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, a newborn will give signals to let you know what they need. It is however up to you to pay attention. Watch your baby to identify what cry signals hunger and respond appropriately.  Since breast milk digests quicker than formula a nursing baby may need more frequent feedings. Never push your baby to “finish” a feeding. If your newborn turns away from the bottle or breast it is likely he is done.

Understand Your Newborn

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