5 Important Tips for Natural Labor Pain Relief

Natural Methods for Childbirth

Labor and childbirth is a beautiful, albeit painful process. While many women choose to have a medicated labor right off the bat, others want to have a natural, drug-free childbirth experience. Natural labor pain relief is possible, if you find the technique that works for you.

The five most popular natural labor pain relief techniques include:

1. Breathing Techniques ““ Deep breathing during labor can help you handle your pain more effectively. This natural labor pain relief technique distracts you from the discomfort of contractions, and rhythmic, steady breathing maximizes the amount of oxygen available to you, which helps your body relax.

2. Water Therapy ““ Some women find that soaking in a warm bath helps reduce their labor pain. In many hospitals across the United States, they offer tubs for laboring mothers. Feeling the warm, soothing water on your skin can help relax you, and it can make your contractions more bearable.

3. Hypnosis ““ This natural pain relief technique has become more popular in the last two decades with the advent of hypnobirthing. There are special childbirth education classes that teach pregnant women to self-hypnotize themselves. Some women describe hypnosis in labor akin to focusing or daydreaming, like when you’re reading a very good book or staring into a fire. You are awake and aware of what’s happening, but you’re completely relaxed and free of pain.

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