My Baby’s Vaccines; Get the Facts Here!

Vaccines Prevent Disease and Illness

Vaccines are the best way to prevent disease and illness. Unfortunately, these helpful immunizations are getting a bad reputation by inaccurate reports that they have harmful effects. Infants are given vaccines at a young age because this is when they are most likely to get sick. Your baby can be protected from various diseases by vaccinating.

Talk to your doctor and discuss any potential fear or questions you may have regarding vaccinating your baby. Remember all immunizations have potential side effects but the actual diseases that your baby can contract are far more fatal.

The most common side effects include fever, redness or soreness where the shot was given, or fussiness of your child.   Sometimes more serious reactions occur, but they are very rare. It is important to talk to your pediatrician to identify possible side effects to watch for and how to contact him in case you observe something you are concerned about.

This is the CDC Vaccine Schedule for a Baby



Two Months old:

HepB +   DTaP +   PCV   +   Hib +   Polio   +   RV

Four Months old:

DTaP +   PCV   +   Hib +   Polio   +   RV

Six Months old:

HepB +   DTaP +   PCV   +   Hib +   Polio   +   RV  (Influenza)

Twelve Months old:

MMR   +   PCV   +   Hib +   Varicella +   HepA (Influenza)

Fifteen Months old:

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