My Precious Baby’s First Eye Exam

Babies Eyes

Baby’s First Eye Exam

Like any other exam, a first eye exam for your baby can be a stressful situation. By following a few simple steps, this process can be easy with smooth sailing.

First, do your best to find a pediatric ophthalmologist.  Not that a regular adult eye doctor is not qualified, but a pediatric specialist will be experienced in working with a baby or young child.

Try to schedule the first appointment when your baby will be well rested, fed and somewhat happy.  Of course it is impossible to predict how a baby will act on any day, but if your baby has a schedule, work around it as best you can. Do not even bother if your baby is tired, sick or teething. A quick exam cannot be completed without a little cooperation from your baby.

Submit all registration paperwork beforehand.  Do not waste time filling out paperwork in the office on the day of your baby’s appointment.  This only serves as time your baby will be waiting and resulting in a cranky and fussy patient.

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