Your Baby’s Motor Skill Development Between Six Months and One Year!

Photo use thanks to user "eyeliam" on Flickr.

Motor Skill Development can be Astounding

Motor skill development from six months to one year of age is quite astounding. The skills they learn will help them develop the foundation for walking, running and taking care of themselves.


Normal Milestones
Fine motor skills are the skills requiring small movements, often by the fingers, and usually take a while to develop. As baby gets comfortable with using his hands, he’ll be able to pick up small items to feed himself or to play. He’ll be able to poke or manipulate small toys or items, or point at things that he wants.

Gross motor skills are the skills requiring large movements, like crawling or sitting. By one year of age, baby will probably be sitting on his own and even use furniture to pull up into a standing position. Baby may stand on his own, crawl or even walk while holding hands. You might even see baby take his first solo steps before his first birthday. Don’t fret, though, if baby isn’t walking by 12 months; many young children don’t until well after their first birthday. Now is the time to make sure that your house is baby-proofed well!

Baby will also start taking interest in doing tasks for himself; feeding himself or helping you dress him by putting out an arm or a leg when you ask.

Encouraging Your Child
While it is definitely slower to let baby feed himself or help you dress him, take the time! Your child will only get better the more you let him practice and encouraging him to do so will give him the needed self-confidence to keep trying.

There are special walkers that you can put baby in that will physically support them as they learn to walk. These walkers can be helpful, though you’ll want to make sure that they are used in a safe spot, one where baby can’t fall down a step or staircase. Also, don’t completely rely on these walkers; baby needs to be out and about trying his skills on his own.

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