The Top Seven Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning sickness is one of the best-known symptoms of pregnancy ““ and with more than half of all pregnant women experiencing morning sickness, it’s no wonder why. Misnamed, as it can occur at any time ““ not just the mornings ““ morning sickness typically appears around week six of pregnancy and disappears shortly after beginning the second trimester, though some women do experience it throughout pregnancy.

Although, on average, it lasts just six weeks, when you are in the throes of it, it can feel like forever. Take control with these morning sickness remedies.

Top Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning Sickness Remedies: Eat Like a Bird

Rather than eating three large meals, graze throughout the day. While pregnant, you are likely to become hungry more frequently and more easily nauseous if you do not eat every two-to-three hours

Morning Sickness Remedies: Stay Cool

Heat and warm places can enhance nausea ““ simply staying in a cooler environment can prove one of the most effective morning sickness remedies

Morning Sickness Remedies: When Life Gives you Lemons

Try eating either citrus fruit, such as oranges, or citrus/sour candy ““ Lemonheads are a great option

Morning Sickness Remedies: Get Moving

Many mothers-to-be find that exercise or a walk outdoors helps. While it might sound unappealing, you’ll likely feel better afterward

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