Health Alert: Mom’s Diet May Reduce Baby’s Breast Cancer Risk!

Photo use thanks to user "mayrodrigo" on Flickr.

Omega-3’s Lower Breast Cancer Rate

Two very exciting studies were published this month, from researchers at Marshall University and North Dakota State University, which showed that supplementing a woman’s diet with certain omega-3 and methyl-rich foods may actually lower the breast cancer risk in her female children.


This is incredible! For the first time, scientists are seeing that a woman’s diet during her pregnancy not only reduces baby’s risk for developing certain birth defects, but can actually change the genetic makeup of her baby and reduce her breast cancer risk

While breast cancer itself is not always a genetic disease, there is evidence that exposure to some chemicals, radiation or other toxic substances can cause minute genetic changes in the DNA that allow abnormal cells to grow and multiply. This is the basis for cancer development.

Pregnant Rat Omega-3 Diets

In each of these studies pregnant rats were given supplemented diets ““ in one study they were given supplements of omega-3 fatty acids and in the other they were given supplements of methyl compounds ““ and their offspring were analyzed.

In the study looking at omega-3 fatty acid consumption, researchers compared the genetic profiles of rats given the supplemented diet and rats who were not. They observed differences in the genes and genetic markers involved in cancer development and expression that may offer some protection against breast cancer development.

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