Maternity Hoodies! A Mommy-to-be Fall Wardrobe Must

Casual Maternity Comfort

With autumn knocking at our door ever so impatiently, casual comfort and warmth that’s also stylish is on every females’s brain. And if you find yourself expecting a wee one this fall, all the more so on the comfort front! To me, there’s just nothing cozier than a hoodie . From the classic zip-front hoodies in cozy sweatshirt knits we wore as kids or on into college to the chic sweater-knit tunic hoodies atop sleek leggings you might see being worn on a bustling city street.

Worry not, mommy-to-be, there are fabulously warm and even quite fashionable hoodies out there for you too! Note: even ones that aren’t necessarily maternity can work, simply because this fall there are so many easy, roomy, flowy styles in stores and online.

My pregnant friends, do look for ¬†hoodies out there of the tunic variety (read: have hems that hit at the mid-thigh). They are the perfect companion to the leggings and yoga pants you love to live in, or even your favorite pregnancy jeans and they’ll cover the less-than sightly wide elastic bands most maternity pants are graced with.

When autumn winds get especially chilly, don’t hesitate to pull up that hood. That’s what it’s there for! Plus, you’ll look equal parts cute AND mysterious, you gorgeous pregnant fashionista!

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