How Maternity Fashion Celebrates Style Color and Comfort

Designer Julia Christensen Celebrates Style and Comfort

Many maternity fashion designers such as Julia Christensen
are of the opinion that pregnant women should celebrate both style and comfort
during the nine months of pregnancy. Her designs give pregnant women many style
options, as her outfits can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
She is founder of Jules Ford Maternity where the dresses are simple and classy
at the same time. She believes in versatility, giving a pregnant woman the
ability to mix and match as well as to go from day to evening wear using the
same pieces of clothing. This strong belief regarding maternity wear comes
from her own search for maternity fashion when pregnant with her son
Bradford according to a story published in August of 2011 by Cheyenne Hibbard,
a writer for OC Register.

A Woman’s Natural Beauty

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body experiences a
natural beauty that is timeless and awesome to behold. In centuries past a
pregnant woman covered her body or avoided being seen in public. Today,
maternity fashion enhances the changing shape of a pregnant body giving
clothing designers a whole new palette in which to create wonderful designs
that embrace the idea of creating life and motherhood. Oversized shirts and
stretch pants designed to conceal the pregnancy give way to slim fitted shirts
and blouses in the early stages of pregnancy, darker colors that skim the
figure, a scarf or shawl to draw attention to the upper body as the woman
enters her 2nd trimester and of course accessories such as earrings, necklaces
and bracelets to compliment her wardrobe and add color. In cooler months,
pregnant women turn to fabrics that are breathable such as cottons, synthetics
and wools. No outfit is complete without a low-heeled shoe that looks great but
allows for the changing center of gravity as the abdomen expands.

Pregnant Celebrities

Pregnant celebrities are helping to bring stylish maternity clothes
to the fashion world as a much talked about fashion trend such as Natalie Portman walking
down the red carpet during the Golden Globes or Victoria Beckham and Beyonce
looking great as they show off their baby bumps on camera.

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