Styling Maternity Clothes for Tall Women

Dressing your body during the nine months of your pregnancy will not really change from your normal style. As a tall woman, you have the luxury of pulling off many looks that the petite cannot. Plus, it is not like you blow up five sizes when pregnant. The rest of your body stays the same as your stomach expands. In fact, you might find that you can still wear normal clothes during the first four months of pregnancy.

However, each woman is different because your body’s shape will depend most on your living habits and genes.

Styling Maternity Clothes for Tall Women

Maternity Clothes for Tall Women: Finding the Right Top

Maternity clothes for tall women are far from impossible to find. Most maternity tops are cut longer in the torso to accommodate a growing belly. Therefore, you will not have any trouble finding tops that will long enough for your taller stature. Stick to shirts that are long and loose.

If you are having trouble finding longer tops, then look for tunics. These types of shirts might hit mid-thigh on most women, but for you they will be perfect. There is no need to dress any differently from when you are not pregnant.

If you do not like showing off your baby bump, then opt for looser tops with fitted bottoms. Otherwise, many pregnant women love emphasizing their bump.

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