Are You Making the Decision to Breastfeed?

Photo by Aurimas Mikalauskas

The Breast Vs the Bottle

There are many factors a new mom has to take into account when she chooses whether or not she is going to try to nurse her baby. Bottle versus breastfeeding is a decision that all moms have to make and it really helps to know why or why not she would want to give it a try.

Notice that I said “try.” Breastfeeding is hard work and it takes a lot of time, dedication and a great deal of determination. I think it is a wonderful way for a mom to bond with her child while nourishing him, but it’s not right for everyone.

Breast is Best for Your Baby?

Breastfeeding is the preferred way of feeding babies as per the American Academy of Pediatrics because it is proven that breast milk provides not only nutrition, but also substances that help a baby’s immune system and helps him fight infections. They recommend nursing for at least a year, if not longer.

The Bottle by a Nipple?

However, breastfeeding does not work for all moms OR for all babies. There are many reasons that a mom might choose to bottle feed instead. Whether it’s because her infant has trouble latching on or maybe the mother has a physical issue that won’t allow her to nurse, I think it’s important for all moms to know that it’s perfectly OK and to not be so hard on herself if it doesn’t work out. Baby formula has come a long way and offers excellent nutrition to babies as well.

I am proud when I tell people that I nursed my three children 10 months, eight months and six months. Yes, it got shorter as I had more kids. And no, I didn’t hit the one-year mark. This was partly because my two youngest lost interest, but mostly because our life was different. By the time I had three children vying for my attention I couldn’t focus as much time on nursing. I was also traveling more for work and pumping became nearly impossible. In the end, I just had to be OK with that because I knew in my heart that I loved my babies and as long as I was doing the absolute BEST I could do, in my mind it didn’t matter to me whether the milk came from me or a bottle.

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