Stay Fit While Pregnant With Low-Impact Exercise!

Trying to Stay Fit During Your Pregnancy?

During the nine months of pregnancy, staying fit becomes a concern. While a healthy weight gain is normal, many women feel self conscious about their appearance and want to keep an exercise routine part of their day. During the  first two trimesters a pregnant woman’s abdomen has not “popped” yet and exercise may be easier. Besides controlling excessive weight gain, it has been also discovered that exercise can help lead a healthy pregnancy.

What about the third trimester? Common pregnancy symptoms like swollen ankles and backache may leave exercise at the bottom of your “to-do” list. Keeping active in this last home stretch before the birth of your baby an alleviate more than you think.

Always consult your OB or midwife before starting an exercise routing during pregnancy. Several pregnancy related conditions can be eased with some low-impact exercise. Women who are diagnosed with Gestational diabetes can help regulate glucose levels while incorporating walking or another low-impact exercise. Walking is also believed to help increase labor, once it begins.

Different Methods of Exercise to Keep You and Baby Fit

Swimming is another way to stay fit in the third trimester. The mere floating sensation will give any swollen extremities a much needed rest while keeping the heart healthy. Swimming can also keep a pregnant women cool while experiencing heat flashes or increase of body temperature often felt during pregnancy.

Yoga during pregnancy is another fantastic way to staying fit. Third trimester worries and anxieties will be relieved once the body is able to relax after a yoga class.  Yoga teaches women to understand their bodies and allow for them to do what is needed. With the hustle and bustle of daily life the subtle signs the body tells us can go unnoticed.

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