Lenox Hill Hospital a Popular Choice for Celeb Moms

It's no surprise that lots of celeb babies are born in New York –  after all, a lot of famous moms called the Big Apple home! So it should come as no big shock that while Beyonce and Jay-Z's little bundle of joy, Blue Ivy, is the most recent celebrity baby to join the world at Lenox Hill Hospital, she's certainly not the first!

According to Hollywood Life, at least two other famous women became mothers at Lenox Hill. New Yorkers and 30 Rock co-stars Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski also choose Lenox Hill when they went into labor.

While appearing on The Today Show, Fey claimed that her Lenox Hill experience was much less glamorous than Beyonce's – joking that she learned to breastfeed in a crowded closet with an ATM machine down the hall. But all laughs aside, Fey added, “I think the nurses at Lenox Hill Hospital are fantastic."

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