The 3 Latest Must See Maternity Summer Fashions

Fashionably Pregnant Is So In Right Now

As someone that literally eats fashion magazines, online boutiques and style blogs for breakfast, I found myself dreading whatever styles would be in season during the those last few months I’d be huge (read: 3rd trimester). Tears rimmed my eyes at the thought of being unable to partake in summer ’11 trends. Much to my utter delight and surprise, I’ve been able to find looks and of-the-moment silhouettes that actually work, AND flatter.

The Fabulous Top Three Summer Maternity Fashion Trends:

Confectionery White

The summer season has a sweet tooth, icing-like lace and crochet in understated whites and creams are everywhere in fashion. The plus? Such styles are often empire waisted, A-line/trapeze and in easy, breezy fits. Think flowy frocks, roomy blouses, elastic-waist skirts and palazzo pants this summer.

Tribal Beat

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