Delivery Fashion Alert: What to Pack for Your Labor Stay

Looking Fabulous in the Delivery Room

Looking fabulous often leads to feeling fabulous. And the sad truth is, nobody looks fabulous in a drab hospital gown. Nobody looks fabulous grunting, groaning and pushing to the point of popping blood vessels either, but that’s another story… For all the work you’re about to do bringing your precious newborn into the world, you totally deserve a delivery gown that makes you feel special.

Yeah, I too was quite pleasantly shocked when I found out there was such a thing as a fashionable hospital gown. In fact, if you look, there are stylish delivery room designs popping up all over the internet. What makes them so refreshing is the array of prints they come in. And colors. Plus, I’ve come across a number of different styles too. From traditional, to tied with a satin bow, to empire waist, heck, even a halter neckline! Just think, in such a chic, fun, patterned gown, you’ll get to shine too in those first photos of you cuddling your new baby, not to steal the spotlight from your wee one or anything, no never. Simply search “fashionable hospital maternity gowns” and voila… the world becomes your stylish oyster. Here are some of my faves:

  • Handmade designs on

  • Those distinctive halter styles I mentioned by Pretty Pushers:

  • Très chic hospital gowns found on

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