Keeping Your Child Safe: Tips for Poison-Proofing Your House "Mykl Roventine" Photostream

Baby will soon be Exploring the House

In no time at all, your little one will be exploring the house and suddenly, poison-proofing your house will be a top priority.  There are a ton of things around the house that can be dangerous if baby puts them in her mouth, and you certainly don’t want to learn the hard way what he can (and will!) get in to.

Cleaning Supplies

It goes without saying that the cleaning supplies and soaps that you keep under the sink should be kept away from baby at all times.  There are several ways that this can be accomplished.  At a minimum, childproof safety locks should be installed on all cabinets.  However, if you work these locks in front of your child, he’ll figure out how to disengage them in no time.

Another option is to instead keep them in a cabinet above the countertops.  This way, they are not so easily accessible and baby (even if they figure out the child proof safety locks) can’t get to them.


All medications should be kept locked up and out of reach.  This includes vitamins or medications for the baby.  Gummy vitamins can be mistaken for candy, but can be dangerous if consumed in large quantities. Make sure they stay out of reach, ideally locked in a high cabinet, all the time and reinforce to your child that they aren’t candy.

Other Household Items

In addition to medications and cleaners, you should keep personal care items (cosmetics, face cleansers, etc…) and other chemicals (paints, paint thinner, white-out) out of reach.  Don’t forget baby care things as well ““ baby oil, baby powder, lotion and shampoo ““ shouldn’t be left out where your child can get to them.


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