A Pierced Belly Button, Is it Safe?

When you first got your belly button pierced, you felt exotic and sexy,but now what? You’re expecting a baby and wondering, “Can I keep the belly ring? Is it safe?”

Yes, you can. This is not to say you should run out and get your belly button pierced in celebration of being pregnant. Belly piercings should be healed and healthy once pregnant. Second, you definitely want to be extra careful when getting dressed and undressed. Remember, this is brave new territory with that ever- protruding belly bump.

Comfort Solutions

As the  number of women with belly piercings increases, there are now products to help you safely and comfortably keep your  belly button piercing through pregnancy. Medical grade plastic piercing bars are designed to accommodate your growing pregnant tummy. They’re easy to use, non-toxic and adjustable. These bars stay in place thanks to a pair of  secure end balls.

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