Keep Your Feet Stylish & Comfortable

Just because you are expecting doesn’t mean your feet have to suffer. There are plenty of styles of shoes and wonderful foot products that will put a little “spring” in your step.

The Mayo Clinic recommends wearing low-heeled””but not flat””shoes with good arch support. This can help your feet and back. During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, a woman’s feet can swell, become sore and achy, and feel warm.

Courtesy of Hush Puppies

A shoe that won’t make you want to kick them off an hour into the day is the Laze Sling by Hush Puppies. They give off a bohemian vibe that is on point with this Spring’s trends. The fringed and beaded sandals are extra cushioned, have a deep footbed with a floral breathable microfiber that brings the ultimate comfort to pregnant feet.

“The styling of Hush Puppies shoes combines cute, fashion-forward silhouettes with great colors and details,” says Els Fonteyne, spokesperson for Hush Puppies.

A versatile shoe that would be perfect for the grocery store or a spring wedding is the Brie Slide by Hush Puppies. The shoe comes in sassy snakeskin or classic black

Besides footwear, who doesn’t like to pamper their feet? LUSH products are a stellar way to do that. Their products are unique and fresh! Expectant moms might love Fair Trade Foot Lotion, Butterball Bath Bomb, GeoPhyzz Bath Bomb and the Volcano Foot Mask (pictured).

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