Jessica Alba Turns Attention to All-Natural Baby Products

Jessica Alba is known for starring in Hollywood hits and being mama extraordinaire to her two daughters, Honor and Haven. Now, the A-lister is turning her star power to a good cause – Honest Co., a line of nontoxic, eco-friendy diapers and other baby products, the Daily Mail reports.

While many celebrity moms begin designing maternity fashion lines or even baby clothes, Alba turned to eco-friendly products after she had an allergic reaction to a baby-safe detergent. She found that the brand, like most on the market, was loaded with chemicals. After further research, she discovered that a number of products labeled "organic" or "eco-friendly" were only called that because of their packaging.

Now, she is working to create products that are safe for people and the environment. She is also making sure these products are attractive and affordable.

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