Jay-Z Joins Beyoncé in her Pregnancy Diet

While Jay-Z has a persona of being all business, it seems as though he's turned into a bit of a softie ever since his wife Beyoncé announced she was carrying the couple's first child.

According to Us Weekly, the doting dad-to-be has been seen by his wife's side throughout much of her pregnancy, and now it seems he might be trying to join in on the experience.

Beyoncé has spoken about her pregnancy diet and how she isn't going to let herself go just because she's eating for two. Jay-Z is showing his support by maintaining a partially-vegan diet with his wife.

"Jay's trying to be disciplined, and he needs the energy to support her," a source told the news provider.

Beyoncé recently opened up about how she and Jay-Z are preparing for the baby, noting that they may use Christmas as an excuse to buy their little one some gifts before its arrival.

In a recent interview, the superstar said that because she and Jay-Z have been seeing so many cute baby things, they might gift each other with stuff for their little one.

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