Is Your Child Ready to Crawl?

That Baby Will Soon be on the Move

It may be hard to believe, but that sweet, helpless little baby laying in her bassinet will soon be sitting up, scooting, crawling and even walking and running. While seeing your little one take off on her own can be scary, it’s also liberating to see your child taking such – no pun intended – big steps toward independence. Here are some signs that your baby is ready to try crawling, according to BabyCenter.

1. Sitting up. Sitting up shows that a baby is beginning to gain some control over her abdominal muscles – muscles that are essential to crawling and walking. Sitting up says, “I’m ready to start trying to move around on my own!” If your baby is sitting up, try placing her on a mat and letting her squirm a little – she may start crawling!

2. Scooting. Many babies start out doing an army crawl – pulling themselves forward with their arms while their legs dangle behind them. This isn’t uncommon, since many babies develop their upper body strength before their lower body strength. This is just one step on the way to doing a full crawl – and eventually walking!

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