Is Running While Pregnant Safe?

Many expectant mothers find themselves asking the question “is running while pregnant safe?” If you’ve been running, continuing to run is generally safe as your body is used to the demands and impact forces. But there is a mileage point at which you are at more risk for injury as you progress through the pregnancy.

It’s relative, as every woman’s journey to motherhood varies based on her fitness, health, the variables of the pregnancy, her running form, and more. Plus, no two pregnancies are ever the same. A woman can run all the way through her first pregnancy, and walk-run through the second. The importance here is in understanding the purpose of running through pregnancy. That is””for your health, fitness, and strength, and ultimately for the health and safety of your baby.

is running while pregnant safe?

There are a lot of demands on our bodies when we are growing a child. In essence it is similar to that of the demands of training for a marathon, in that it progresses throughout the nine months and gets more challenging as you go. As the baby grows, your heart rate increases to deliver the oxygen to you and the little one, your center of gravity and pelvis shift as does your running form, and your body grows stronger to support the little one as you move through your every day life.

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