A Look at Infertility and the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractors Have Undergone Specialized Training

Chiropractors are practitioners who have undergone specialized training in the care of the spine; including the bones and nerves that run through it. Practitioners realign bones and joints to restore normal functioning and promote health.


Recent studies have explored the use of chiropractic care in enhancing fertility and helping women conceive. The research, published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, or JVSR, have shown that regular chiropractic care and the realignment of key vertebrae may in fact have a benefit for women trying to conceive.

The World Chiropractic Alliance

I was unable to locate the articles directly (the JVSR website is not working), however, according to a press release published by the World Chiropractic Alliance, “The 12 studies in the series found that chiropractic had positive results regardless of the woman’s age, number of years infertile, previous medical intervention or health history including miscarriages, blocked fallopian tubes, amenorrhea, colitis, or trauma” (“Studies explore link,”).

According to the press release, all of the women included in the study had subluxations, or misalignments, in the spine that, once corrected, enabled the women to get pregnant. The belief is that the misalignments affected nerve function to the structures and processes involved in reproduction. Fix the misalignment and you can improve fertility.

Research Results Should Stimulate Consideration

Associate editor of JVSR, Dr. Madeline Behrendt, acknowledges that “although not conclusive, the results of the research should stimulate consideration of structure as a factor in infertility…” (“Studies explore link,”). This is an important point, as there is no current research to support the belief that chiropractic care alone is a suitable alternative to treatment from an infertility specialist.

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