A Deeper Look at Infant Day Care

You’ve finally gotten the hang of changing diapers. You know all the best lullabies by heart. You even figured out the fine art of burping. This parenting thing might not be so hard after all, right?


Taking A Deeper Look at Infant Day Care

Chances are that you still haven’t sat down and asked yourself, “How much is infant day care?”

In the middle of adjusting to a new lifestyle with a brand new baby it can be stressful to try and work out the cost and scheduling associated with enrolling your infant in a day care center.

How much is infant day care going to cost you? The answer might surprise you depending on where you live, the hours of care you need per week, and the style of care you desire.

Some Basic Facts Regarding Day Care

An estimated 2.5 million children below the age of five are currently enrolled in day care in the United States. Most centers will not accept infants younger than six weeks old. Day care centers offer a child the opportunity to socialize and engage with other children their age while participating in a number of stimulating activities with childcare providers.

The childcare profession is full of many caring and devoted workers who shower love and attention on the children and infants they are tasked with looking after. However, new parents should be aware that only 10 states in total require rigorous background checks before allowing a person to become employed at a day care center.

Low salaries and high turnover rates on staff can sometimes detract from the environment inside a care center. This makes it essential for parents to visit and observe potential care centers before they make a decision about where to enroll their child.

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