Infant Car Seat Safety; Proper Installation Guide!

Taking Baby in the Car is Nerve Wracking!

Taking your infant in the car is down right nerve wracking! One way to decrease this unsettling feeling is to be sure all car seat safety regulations are met and your car seat is properly installed.

Start by doing research on the type of car seat you wish to buy. All car seats on the market are made to meet safety requirements by the government, but the weight ranges and models vary. Decide if you want a infant carrier that an be removed from the car with your baby still in it(also called bucket) or a stationary car seat that stays put while you remove your child all together are the typical choices.

Follow the Instructions

Following directions in the packaging is the most important part of installing your infant car seat. Every model differs and needs to be executed exactly to the enclosed directions.

Be wary of buying used car seats as older seats may have wear and tear that will decrease the car seat’s safety. Buckles on a car seat lose their effectiveness and can break after too many years of use.  Straps also only have a life span of about ten years. The whole harness can sometime be replaced depending on the make and model,the exact harness will be needed and this can prove difficult at times. Also if getting a car seat from an unknown seller, the life of the car seat will be a mystery too. Was it in a car accident? Safely stored? Properly installed?

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