How to Identify Newborn Milestones and What They Mean

Your Newborn Baby Means New Milestones

Once your baby arrives and there is time to get to know each other, you will start to notice certain behaviors emerge. These subtle yet noticeable actions or achievements a newborn reaches are milestones. Each milestone is a measure of where your baby is developmentally. Some babies reach their milestones early and a few are late with their development. While there are more visible and exciting milestones among the list, they are all important.

Newborns are considered babies up to their first month of life according to Dr. Sears, while others say babies can be classified newborns for a couple of months. Either way, there are few milestones to look for in the first few weeks of life.

Head Control

When babies are born they are very floppy and have little control of their heads. Their motor skills will develop and within weeks they will be able to hold up their heads while on their tummy and even kick their legs. Reaching these milestones improves over time with encouragement. A baby that can control their head is a good sign their neck muscles are strengthening.


Soon you will notice your baby rousing when loud noises occur and even looking in that direction afterwards. Being startled and “noticing” your voice will become more evident as a newborn  gets used to the world. Engaging your baby is important in order for them to become aware of their surroundings. Just because babies cannot talk does not mean they do not need entertainment. You are their favorite and will encourage their development.

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