How Your Partner Can Support You While You’re Expecting

You Can Support Each Other Through Pregnancy

You’re all about sore feet, an aching back, morning sickness and a growing belly, but your partner is hardly experiencing any symptoms at all! While it may be hard not to be jealous of how easy this is for him, trust us when we say that he’s jealous, too – jealous of these special nine months you get with your baby. So how can you support each other through the pregnancy?

There are a lot of activities that you and your partner can do together while you’re expecting. Some are directly relevant to your pregnancy – like Lamaze and labor classes, pregnancy-specific yoga classes, trips to the doctor and other exercises – while others are a little more abstract. You can go for a walk together, play music, read to the baby or explore other elements of your pregnancy together.

You expect your partner to be understanding of your aches and pains during this period – and you need to be understanding of his, too. While he’s chipping in a little more around the house so you don’t have to be on your feet all day, you can make an effort to include him in your pregnancy milestones – letting him feel the baby move and kick, telling him how you feel and explaining all the different sensations you’re experiencing.

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