How Your Age Affects Pregnancy

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Age Affects Pregnancy

If you are considering becoming pregnant, you may wonder how your age affects pregnancy. During each stage of your life, there are benefits and disadvantages to becoming pregnant. Here is an overview on how your age will affect pregnancy during different time frames of your life.

Teen Pregnancy

While many teenage girls may fantasize about becoming a mom, there are significant risks to the health of both the mother and baby by becoming pregnant at a young age. Teens that become pregnant face a higher risk of developing high blood pressure and preeclampsia while pregnant. Some teens do not get proper prenatal care, which can result in certain health conditions going unnoticed. As a result, many teen moms go into premature labor and have babies with a low-birth weight.  Many teens also find that they do not have a strong support system and they are at a higher risk for developing postpartum depression (PPD).  The emotional toll of pregnancy and raising a child has a significant effect on teen moms, as they are usually still in high school, lack financial stability, and may not have a supportive partner.

Pregnancy in Your 20’s

The 20’s are considered one of the best times of your life to become pregnant. You are in the most fertile stage of your life, and you will most likely become pregnant within one to four cycles if you are trying to conceive. Your eggs are also healthier, which means a less risk for birth defects or miscarriage. Women in their 20’s are usually better equipped to physically handle pregnancy, since their bones, joints and muscles are still strong.

However, just because your body is physically ready for pregnancy doesn’t mean you are financially or emotionally ready. If you are still in college or advancing in your career, it may be financially difficult to support a child. You may not have met the right person to start a family with yet, as well. Some women also don’t feel mature enough, and may have a hard time letting go of old lifestyle habits, such as smoking or drinking.

Pregnancy in Your 30’s

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