How You Can Dress Like Your Favorite Pregnant Celebrities

Celebrities and Their Baby Bump Flaunting

It fair to say that celebrities and movie stars subscribe to the “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” school of thought, even when it pertains to their baby bump. Well, that is after they’ve gone the first few months covertly masking any signs of their pregnancy! I’ve digressed, fact is, celebrities show off their growing pregnant bodies with beauty and pride. I think this should inspire all of us.┬áDon’t hide away in your beau’s oversized shirts and your own baggy sweats for the next nine months!, instead, take a cue from Hollywood.

First and foremost, keep on accentuating your best assets. Beautiful shoulders? Bare them. Stunning bustline? Wear something appropriately low cut (remember, you’re about to be a mommy!, don’t reveal too much). Great legs? Continue to show them off.

Next, remember confidence is your best accessory. Do you ever see a pregnant celebrity slouching? Frowning? Heck no! Hold your head high, stand up straight, push your shoulders back and smile… no matter WHAT you’re wearing, be certain to take advantage of that natural pregnancy glow!

Lastly, stock up on these go-to celebrity maternity fashion essentials: slimming and elongating maxi dresses, sleek leggings, curve-loving knit tops and tunics, and a pair of designer maternity jeans that fit your pregnancy body like a glove.

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