3 Keys to Stocking a Store-Ready Diaper Bag

Heading Out of the House with baby?

Are you heading out of the house with your newborn baby for the first time? Successful parents know that a well-stocked diaper bag can mean the difference between a successful outing and one that ends in crisis. If you’re planning to pack your carryall for the first time, there are three categories of items to include.

1. Changing items. Stocking diapers and wipes may seem like a no-brainer, but there are other items that should be included in this category. It’s a good idea to include an extra set of clothes in case your little one has a spill or diaper disaster. You should also keep plastic bags to pack up dirty diapers in locations that don’t offer garbage – these items are also a must-have for quick car changes.

2. Feeding materials. If you are breastfeeding, you might want to pack away a blanket or burp cloth to provide privacy in public areas. Empty bottles, purified water and formula should be packed away if your little one is formula fed.

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