Back Off! 7 Methods of Avoiding Unwanted Baby Bump Touching

Baby Bumps Can be Hand Magnets

It is no secret that pregnant women can become fiercely protective of their babies even before they’re born, so when a stranger wants to touch your baby bump how do you not rudely tell them to keep their hands to themselves? Having a stranger touch your belly can be very uncomfortable and unnerving, but there are some tricks you can use to avoid strangers from touching your belly.  The following list will walk you through seven skilful methods of avoiding unwanted baby bump touching.

1)  Hold Your Hands in Front of Your Belly

By holding your hands clasped or on either side of your belly, you’re signaling to people to keep away. If somebody should happen to make a move toward touching your belly bump you can simply raise your hands and this motion should indicate that you don’t want to be touched.

2) Make a Comment
Consider working a joking comment into the conversation before they have a chance to touch your belly. You can say that you’re pleased to meet them but you’re afraid that your baby doesn’t like new people, or that she’s sleeping, or something else that will subtly give the message that you don’t want your baby bump touched.

3) Wear Loose Clothing
Interestingly, most baby bump touchers are going to strike when you’re wearing something that is form fitting, or tight over your belly. The more noticeable your belly bump, the greater the desire for these people to touch it. By wearing baggy or loose fitting maternity clothes your baby bump will be touched less.

4) Step Back

If you see somebody starting to reach forward as though they’re going to touch your belly bump, you can step back a half step and make a comment along the lines of “Oh, I don’t feel very well, I’m sorry”. This might make them think twice about touching your baby bump.

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