How to Show Off Your Pregnant Belly with Maternity Photography and Facebook

People Want to See Your Pregnant Belly

One of the most unusual things about being pregnant is that everyone is interested in seeing your pregnant belly. Some moms are more than happy to lift up their shirts to give a good friend a little peek, but for those of us that are a little more modest, this can be uncomfortable.

Pregnancy photography is not only a good way to share what your belly looks like, but also a way to remember how you looked when you were pregnant. And because an impromptu belly-flaunting isn’t always the right thing to do, posting pregnancy photos to Facebook is a great vehicle for sharing your belly with certain people.

Not all women are sold on the concept of professional pregnancy photos though. In general, having photos of your pregnant belly professionally taken wasn’t a popular thing to do during my first two pregnancies. When I found out I was pregnant with #3 I knew it was my last chance to do it. So two days before he was born, we had some really nice shots taken by a friend of ours that is a photographer.

Typically the photographer will ask you what you have in mind for the shoot beforehand, so think about what you want the overall ‘feel’ of the photos to be. Will you go for something serene or funny? How much pregnant belly do you want to show? Do you want your belly to be bare? Will you have your partner or other children in the photos? Will there be pictures you’ll take specifically for posting to Facebook?

There is no week of the pregnancy that is officially the best time for the photo shoot. I wanted my pregnant belly to be as big as possible (to get the most bang for my photography buck), but don’t schedule your photo shoot too late in your pregnancy. If you go into labor early, you’ve obviously missed your chance. I came close to missing it myself!

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