How to Search for the Latest Baby Product Recalls

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Parents Should be Aware of Baby Product Recalls

Parents of babies should be aware of the latest baby product recalls for several reasons. There are consequences when baby products are unsafe and are used by parents or babies. Recalls are the result of reported injuries and even deaths.  Companies work with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in order to notify consumers if there is a safety issue with one of their products. Companies however, also desire to protect the company so it is up to parents to be aware of recalls that are currently being done on baby products before purchasing them or using a baby product. The biggest baby product recall to date occurred in 2009 in which many baby products were recalled including cribs and car seats and strollers. It is easy for parents to check these lists on the website. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to go to the website and check the recall lists for baby product recalls. These lists are critical news about the latest baby product recalls.

How to check for the latest baby product recalls:

  • Go to the Consumer Product SafetyCommission website
  • Click on “Recalls and Product Safety News
  • Decide to search by recalls in recent months, by month and year, by the specific manufacturer or by the product type. Parents of babies desiring to check for baby product recall and click on “Child Products” or “Toys”.
  • Browse through the list of recalled products and click on any product that you currently have in your home or a product you are thinking of purchasing.
  • Look for the product number against those numbers listed under “Description” on the product’s recall information page to see if the item you have, or the item you are interested in purchasing is part of the recall.
  • The product recall information page will give details about the recall including a section titled “Remedy” and “Consumer Contact”. Parents should follow the instructions given in order to resolve or prevent any product issues that may occur as a result of the recall. Parents will be instructed to be prepared to receive a full refund, send away for replacement parts or to be prepared to exchange the defective product for a new one. Thanks to the CPSC there has been a 30% drop in deaths and injuries over the past 30 years as a result of making available current lists of product recalls on the CPSC’s website.

In Conclusion

Parents should be conscientious about checking for baby product recalls to be sure that the products they are using are safe. They also need to be aware of the nature of these recalls. Some recalls are voluntary, some involve injuries, some are done to make the public aware of a defect and sometimes there is a “fix” for the problem and the consumer is asked to bring the product back for a replacement part or a repair kit.

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