How to Cope with a Sick Child

Newborn is Sick for the First Time

New parents often have a very difficult time dealing with their newborn the first time he becomes sick. After spending nine months in control of their child’s entire world, it can be very scary for moms to see their┬ábaby displaying any signs of an illness – even if the baby has just come down with a simple cold.

When human beings come in contact with germs for the first time, our bodies instinctively go into attack mode. As all of the resources needed by cells are given to the body’s “army” at this time, the fight between good and bad cells can make us appear worn down or tired and can trigger other common symptoms like a runny nose.

These small battles are extremely important for the healthy development of newborn babies, as their tiny bodies learn from the germs and develop antibodies that can fight them off in less time if the individual is ever exposed again. Frequent trips to the emergency room or doctor’s office can cause youngsters to be rapidly exposed to a large number of germs, which can overwhelm the system, so parents should avoid heading to the hospital to check up on every cough.

Parents who are genuinely concerned about their baby’s health should contact a doctor or healthcare professional directly to get advice about the well being of their little one.

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