How to Clip Newborn Nails Safely

Are You Wondering How to Clip Newborn Nails Safely?

It can be scary for you and your baby. Your newborns nails may seem to grow at warp speed and need a clipping more often than you would like to give. There are many way to approach this task, but here is the safest and easiest way to get the job done, without tears from anyone.

Wait until your child is asleep. After a bath or at night is a good time to try. Avoid times when your newborn is hungry, fussy or very cranky. You may also want to try after your newborn falls asleep in the car. Wherever they sleep best is the place to keep your baby nail clippers. Keep a pair of baby nail clippers in your diaper bag in case an opportune time occurs.

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Be sure to use a special pair of nail clippers for your baby as they are much smaller and will be less likely to cut skin than a regular size pair of clippers. An emery board will do if your baby is willing to cooperate.

Take each finger and gently press the pad of the finger to pull the skin away from the nail. Cut along the natural curvature of the nail. If any sharp edges are left, file them down with a nail file. Keep a good hold on your newborns hand so there will be no sudden jerks or injuries if they wake up.

If having their nails trimmed does not bother your baby, have another adult help by holding the baby as your trim. Distracting your newborn is tough but may help.

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