How to buy Too Cute for Words Newborn Outfits

Buying Infant Clothes Before Baby Arrives

Pre-baby, buying infant clothes was all about having the cutest bambino on the block. I thought nothing of how easy said infant outfits were to put on my newborn, let alone to take off. Note: my high maintenance little newborn has required as many as six outfit changes in a single day thanks to spitting up, projectile bowel movements and pee pee leaks. So, when it’s time to buy a fab little wardrobe for your sweet little one, both fashion AND function must come into play.

I thought little of snaps versus buttons versus zips””snaps are easiest in my newbie opinion. I didn’t really have a clue about necklines that would go over my new little one’s head with the most ease””lapped or snap shoulders are a true Godsend. I never considered how important fold-over mitts were on sleeves””because wow!, newborn babies have fast-growing and dangerous little finger nails. I didn’t realize how impractical (for me at least!) footed PJs were””a pain in the you-know-where during middle of the night diaper changes. Go with adorable, cozy and easy sleep sacks instead.

All things of function and ease considered, your precious little newborn must be clad in adorable outfits at all times, insuring he or she is camera ready for all the too cute poses and expressions you’ll want to capture. So go for cheery prints, funny expressions and bright-saturated colors that are soft, comfortable and easy to dress baby in. This will result in more smiles from your thankful little newborn bundle of joy.  Happy baby shopping! I must say it’s my own new obsession.

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