How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Maternity Clothing Don’ts

Welcome to the World of Maternity Clothes!

Congrats, you’re pregnant! Now, it’s high time you avoid the pitfalls of maternity fashion don’ts. And my dear, there are quite a few. But it’s easy, just:

– DON’T Buy according to size, instead focus on fit. There are many variables, ranging from a designer’s cut, to how you’re carrying your baby, the only way to know if a maternity style fits is to try it on.

DON’T Wear your husband’s clothes. Tempting as it may be, you’ll just look frumpy and weird.

DON’T Try to squeeze into your regular clothes for too long; they just make you look like you’re in denial of your growing bump, not to mention they’re uncomfortable!

DON’T Hide that bump of yours; pregnancy is a time to celebrate your growing tummy and to show off your curvaceous new figure.

DON’T You dare wear crop tops, I hope this is stating the obvious, but just in case it’s not: Crop tops = you looking like you belong on a bad episode of Cops.

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