How Moms Really Feel About Post-Baby Bodies

Moms Are Amazed How Miraculous Life Is

We carry our babies in our bellies until the day they’re born. Many of us are amazed at what we’ve been able to do and how miraculous giving life to another person is. And then the reality hits ““ “Wait a second! This isn’t what my body used to be like! OH MY…” So how do moms really feel about their post baby bodies?

Let’s face it, from its outward appearance to what’s going on inside, I don’t think any mom can say her body is ever quite the same after having a baby or two…or three. Think about what our bodies just went through. What would we expect?

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After talking about this topic with a few of my mom friends, we all had a similar sentiment: We went into pregnancy knowing that our bodies were going to change and that was simply part of the deal.

Will our Bodies Ever Look the Same?

However, we knew our body would never LOOK the same again, but we were surprised about some things that were less obvious. Bladder control for example. I have a girlfriend who now pees a little whenever she sneezes (yes, I agree, this is worthy of a gasp).  Personally, before I had children I had a very sensitive stomach. Something clicked when I was pregnant and now I can eat anything!

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