Songstress Mariah Carey Dishes on Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

It seems as though new celebrity moms lose weight at the drop of a hat, but few reveal how difficult it really is. Mariah Carey, who gave birth to twins Monroe and Moroccan six months ago, is speaking out about her weight loss and how she's dropped more than 70 pounds.

The New York Daily News reports that Carey was on "The Rosie Show" discussing how her Cesarean section left her unable to exercise right after the birth of her twins. She credited the Jenny Craig diet plan for being 90 percent of the reason why she slimmed down.

"The first week, I lost 40 pounds…of just water," she said during the interview. "When I started with the program, I lost at least 30 pounds of weight that needed to be lost."

Carey is taking her new figure to the cover of Us Weekly. In this photo, the proud mom is clad in nothing more than a belly-baring top and size 6 shorts.

"I'm proud of how hard I worked to get my body back…I had to do this for me," Carey told the magazine.

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