Hot Trend Alert: Sexy Nursing Bras!

Barto says to look for three key features in nursing bras: quality, washability and functionality.

“You will wear a nursing bra more than any other article of clothing,” Barto says. “Also, make sure to look for a bra that easily accommodates nursing pads””lots of nursing bras don’t! Leaks happen””be prepared!”

Many women aren’t sure when they should purchase their nursing bras””will their breast size change after the baby is born? Barto says the ideal time is when the mother is 37 weeks pregnant. Underwire bras should not be worn at night, so buy at least two bras.

“(At 37 weeks) you are about the size you will be a few weeks after your baby is born,” she says. “When your milk first comes in, you will be much bigger for a few days, so get one without an underwire so it will adjust.”

Many nursing consultants caution against underwire because they can press on ducts and lead to clogging or mastitis (a painful breast infection). However, underwires provide extra support, and many nursing mothers like that. Barto suggests alternating underwire for day with underwire-free for night, and making sure the bra is not too tight.

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