Holiday Cards: Capture the Perfect Baby Shot

Use Natural Light
This is the best possible light for your picture. Avoid the glare and artificial light of flashes when possible. If it is not warm enough to take the baby outside, find a bright window with early morning sun shining through. If the light is too bright, hang a white sheet over the window to diffuse the light, giving it a softer look.

Avoid Clutter
Baby bottles, clothing, toys and other bits of clutter in a picture can detract from the cuteness of your baby. Try to remove any clutter in the general area.

Enlist Help
Don’t try to stage and prepare baby all on your own. Have somebody there to help so you can capture pictures at just the right moment. Don’t risk missing an infrequent smile because you’re busy fussing with an outfit.

Take Pictures Early
Like we said, the clock is ticking. Start now. This will give you plenty of time for repeat sessions if baby isn’t cooperating. Remember there is also processing time for your cards.

The most important tip: Have fun with your baby. Candid smiling and giggling shots are always better than staged ones. And, if you are lucky enough to get too many good shots, send them off for 2012 Calendars the perfect gift for doting family members!

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