Holiday Cards: Capture the Perfect Baby Shot

We all want the perfect shot of our tiny, new tot, and if yours is a fall or winter baby, that perfect shot simply has to be this year’s holiday card.

Our best advice: Get moving. The holiday clock is already ticking, and since babies are notoriously unpredictable, this could take longer than expected.

Find a Calm Time
Just assume your newborn is going to refuse to cooperate, and you’ll have a much easier time of it. Pictures of a baby while he is comfortable and relaxed are going to turn out much better than if agitated. Consider taking pictures after your baby has eaten or just had a warm bath, two generally calming activities.

Plan Ahead
If you want to take pictures of Junior wearing holiday garb, have outfits ready to go rather than running around at the last minute grabbing props. If cute feet and hand shots are on your list, take them when baby is already lying down and calm.

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