Hilary Duff Says ‘No’ to Her Son Playing Hockey

Sure, Hilary Duff may be expecting a boy with her hockey player husband Mike Comrie, but that doesn't mean the little one will be strapping on ice skates as soon as he can walk.

The starlet spoke out in a recent interview that if she has anything to do with it, her baby will not be playing hockey.

"When I first started seeing Mike, he would come home with five stitches on his face… and I would be like, 'Oh my God, what is this?'" the actress explained to HollyScoop.com. "The idea of that happening to my baby, I'm like no! No hockey."

When asked if she wanted her unborn child to follow in her footsteps of being an actor or a singer, Duff was quick to say that she didn't want to push her son in any direction and that he should be an individual on his own.

Still, while she may not push for her son to become a singer like his mother, Duff said that she hopes he likes her singing, as she's been doing voice warm-ups while pregnant, according to Music-News.

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