Giuliana Rancic: ‘We’re Not Done Trying’ To Have a Family

Giuliana Rancic hasn't been shy when it comes to letting the public into her personal life. The E! News anchor made plenty of couples more comfortable with their fertility issues by allowing cameras to document her struggle to conceive with her husband Bill Rancic on their reality show Giuliana & Bill. But it wasn't long after we'd started rooting for her that we learned devastating news – Giuliana had breast cancer.

The star underwent a double mastectomy in December, and says she won't let a little thing like a cancer diagnosis keep her from starting a family. When asked by when she and Bill would start trying again for children, Giuliana said, “As soon as I feel back to my old self again and once we get over this. We’re not done trying and we want kids. We’re not getting younger. As soon as we’ve recovered from this and I feel healthy enough to move on and our doctor says it’s okay to get pregnant, we certainly will.”

Like many moms, Giuliana decided to wait until she was older to start her family – Bill was 38 and she was 35 when they began trying to conceive. Does she regret her decision to wait?

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