Gender Selection with PGD: Science Vs. Old Wives Tales

Families have been passing down old wives tales regarding the sex of a baby as long as humans have been conceiving. It is fun to try to guess whether the unborn baby is a boy or girl. Many people swear they have a system to accurately guess the sex of an unborn baby, but these tales are just fun to do and not scientific or accurate.

Science has developed methods of preconception gender selection, or PGD, that involve the separation of X- and Y-bearing sperm. However, the ability is mired in controversy over ethical, social and legal issues.

PGD Testing

Old Wives Tales

Carrying high or low. Pregnant women are often told that the way they are “carrying” can predict the gender of the unborn baby. Some people say a woman has an apple shape (round all the way around her body) that she is carrying a girl. And some say that women who carry their babies high are carrying girls; low-carrying mamas can expect boys.

Cravings. Another popular wives tale is that if a pregnant woman craves sweets she is having a girl, and if she craves salty or sour foods she is having a boy.

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