How to Raise Furry Friends and Crawling Babies Together


New Crawling Babies and Old Pets

Bringing home a new baby is a time of joy and excitement for all family members, except perhaps, for those of the furry persuasion. A new baby in the house can cause stress and anxiety for the family pet, but after a few months the pet is usually pretty much at ease with the new family member. That is, until the baby begins crawling.

Pets have domain over the floor, and when junior begins crawling the pet can feel as though their territory is being invaded by this small and noisy human. This can quickly cause fear and alarm in parents if the pet becomes territorial and shows signs of aggression toward the baby. Pets can feel trapped by their inability to flee this small person, and even the most gentle of pets can be become fearful if cornered by a crawling baby.

Dogs, in particular, can be fiercely protective over their beds, toys, other people and even furniture. If the child becomes too close to any of these objects, the dog can become aggressive and protective.

Pets and Crawling Babies Creating Stress?

Pets and crawling babies can live harmoniously in the same house. The key to keeping your pet from becoming stressed is to plan ahead. Before the baby is even born, begin transitioning the dog’s bed and toys to an area that is easily closed off to babies.

Be sure to always spend time with your pet even after the baby has arrived. A pet that is suddenly ignored will feel stressed and jealous over the new arrival. Watch the pet carefully for signs that he is uncomfortable; dog trainers can help your pet become more adjusted to the new baby.

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