3 Fun Workouts to Keep You Motivated When Pregnant

Even if you’re dealing with a bad case of the pregnancy blues and don’t feel like you have enough energy to get through your day, a short workout could help to boost your mood. Many moms-to-be can add some fun workouts to their busy week, and exercising regularly can help to make those pregnancy-related aches and pains that much more manageable.

Whether you worked out regularly before you became pregnant or are just getting started with a fitness program, there are several ways to stay motivated ““ and most importantly ““ have fun!

fun workouts for pregnant women

Here are some fun pregnancy workouts to keep you motivated:

Fun Workouts #1 – Swimming Pool Workouts

Working out in a pool can be soothing during pregnancy ““ especially during those scorching summer days. You can do a series of simple exercises to strengthen and tone your muscles, and also alleviate some joint or muscle aches. Strengthen the arms, shoulders and lower body with a cross-country ski move in the water.

Floating on your back with a flotation device and strengthening your abs can be a great core-building workout in the water.

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